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New Writing South presents: Dot Dot Dot – A Game of Digital Consequences

Join Brighton crime novelist Peter James and a relay team of creative writers as they weave a story using YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook, blogs and Twitter. #NWSdigital

New Writing South is working with bestselling Brighton crime novelist Peter James on something special. This modern, multimedia spin on the traditional game of Consequences will involve a relay team of our creative writers. Peter James will post the opening cliffhanger and throughout September each writer will contribute a section in their favoured form, from prose to drama to performance poetry, then pass the virtual paper on using YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook, blogs and Twitter. As the story unfolds over the internet you’ll be able to follow, comment and take off in new tangents via the hashtag #NWSdigital. The project culminates with a live theatrical presentation of the project, the ending will also be revealed during the event at the Writers’ Place on Friday 27 September.

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